I’ve never posted a “Black” and “White” album before.


Yet, as I watched the footage of protests around the country while editing these photos from our own protest here,

I just couldn’t help but wonder: 


What would happen if I “removed the color?”   

What would happen if this world



LeTanya dragged me out of quarantine for a birthday photoshoot, and we had a BLAST! 
Keeping a 6-foot distance didn’t stop us from laughing until our stomachs and cheeks hurt!


…We even got rained on a little bit.


I must admit that it was refreshing to be back outdoors, to socialize with a dear friend “face-to-face,” and to commemorate her 41 years of life with this session. LeTanya and I have been rolling together for over 3 decades!  

Life wouldn’t be the same without her spunk, talent(s), creativity, and contagious laugh! 


Happy 41st “Breath” Day  to this energetic, bold, funny, and beautiful DOLL!