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About me

I'm Claudia, and thanks for visiting my site!


For the past two decades, I've served as a freelance photog, video, & media hobbyist...so what does THAT mean?


It means that I exercise this craft for the sheer enojyment of the art!  I love what I do! By primary profession, I am a board-certified Music Therapist, Music Minister, Classical Musician (flute), and local Pastor in the state of Alabama; and all things media-related (photography, videography, web design, etc.) are MY therapy! 

Over the years, I have sought to capture moments of my [ever-growing] family of nine in artistic (and oftentimes unique) ways. I am also frequently summoned by individuals, organizations, and companies to produce artistic, high-quality photo, video (& occasionally web) design on a professional scale.  In response to such high demands, "Claudia and Camera" (formerly known as "CaptuREAL Photo & Design") was born.  

Although my primary career comprises of music, music, & MORE music, I have discovered over the course of my life that God has called (and anointed) me to be artistic in EVERY way; and just as I have shared the gift of music with many over the years, I have resolved to share and offer this artistic facet of my life to many as well.


I consider it an honor to be selected to be a part of your special occasion.  I consider it an even greater honor to use my artistic skills and expertise (achieved through years of experience and legitimate online training) to capture your occasion in a beautiful, professional, and timeless way.


For booking information, you may contact me at staff@claudiaandcamera.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


Videography Services

Videography seems to be my clients' service of choice, and I emphatically understand why! While photography (when done well) captures emotions of major life events in single, still shots that can speak to us for a lifetime, videography also allows us to relive life's most meaningful moments...in real time! Years down the road, watching a video captured of your dearest family members and friends- rewitnessing their unique mannerisms, "hearing" their voice and laughter, watching their movements and dance- touches a distinct part of our human psyche that a portrait alone may not.  Clients frequently express the impact of their video in relation to their portraits, and each unquestionably have their place!


Check out a few of my videos below on my home page! To view more videos, and for more information on videography services, click HERE.


Kia & Clarence: "Best Day Ever"


Kia & Clarence: "Best Day Ever"

Party/Special Event:

Claudette's 50th "Casino" Birthday Bash

Event Teaser:

Birmingham Black Marraige Day


I look forward to hearing from you!

Claudia Lewis

P.O. Box 311676

Birmingham, AL 35231-1676

Tel: 205-306-7686 


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