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Meet Claudia.

Claudia Lewis, Namibian Desert

Claudia is not your ordinary photographer and videographer; she's a visual storyteller who thrives on transforming any concept into a pure visual language. Her artistic journey has been a fascinating one, marked by an advancement in her camera work to the compelling world of monochromatic photography. 


Claudia invites viewers to see beyond color, to delve into the intricate play of light and shadow, and to feel the raw emotion within each frame. Throughout this site, you will encounter a charming blend of both monochromatic and color photography, each telling a unique story through the lens. Her work transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, revealing the soul of her subjects and the essence of the places she visits.


Claudia’s creativity isn't kept to the confines of a studio. With a camera and passport in hand, Claudia embarks on a mission to reveal the world's beauty and essence in its most simplistic form. She's a globetrotter, a seeker of inspiration, and a wanderer of far-off places. Her lens has captured the beauty of diverse cultures, the serenity of remote landscapes, and the unspoken stories etched on the faces of people she's encountered on her journeys.

Behind the lens, Claudia is also a devoted wife of 22 years and a loving mother to seven remarkable children. Her work is a reflection of her multifaceted life, capturing the timeless

beauty in everyday moments and showcasing the profound impactof the world's diversity. Her family life also infuses her work with a deep sense of warmth and connection. Through her photographs, she invites you to see the world through her eyes—a world where beauty can be found in the simplest of moments.

Claudia is not just a photographer; she’s an artist who paints the world with her lens, a traveler who explores nations with an open heart, a wife who shares her adventures, and a mother who cherishes the moments she captures at home and abroad.

Book a session with Claudia now, or join her on her creative journey, where every photograph tells a story, every shade of gray holds a world of emotion, and every frame invites you to see the world anew.


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